A Day in the Life of….Joseph!

When I look back on the experiences I have had at Hale Centre Theatre, (and let’s be honest I can count them on one hand because I am new), all that comes to mind is LOVE and FAMILY. What a blast it is to be in another show at HCT! The people that I get to work with everyday are so awesome!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brad Lever. I have been involved in just a few productions at Hale Centre Theatre. As a learning actor, and new to the stage, I was featured in Phantom as a singing waiter back in 2009. Recently, I was heard in Hale’s powerful and heart wrenching production of A Tale of Two Cities, as the dying Young Man/ Gravedigger/ Town Cryer/ and Ensemble member. Currently, I have the amazing opportunity to be a part of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Joseph! Another fun part of the theatre is being a part of the magic! I have also been seen “behind the scenes” working on the technical floor crew for the classic A Christmas Carol, and as a spot light operator for the musical operetta Pirates of Penzance. It’s a blast and I love being a part of the stories in any way that I can!

Hale Centre Theatre feels like family to me. I definitely feel like I live at the theatre sometimes. From the incredible technical staff down to the performers, we interact as a family all working together like a “functional” family should. As an actor, I know that I cannot put on an amazing show without my tech buddies or my acting comrades. We work in harmony to stun audiences with high quality storytelling, beautiful scenery and awe inspiring set designs, lights and immaculate sound.  I like to think that we are a team at Hale Centre Theatre, and you can tell by the quality of the productions that are produced that it certainly appears to the audience that we are just that.  There are not many forces that can get in the way of a strong loving family. Not even a frozen stage or set piece! Everyone contributes and shares their unique talents and gifts.  It truly is a sight to see and be a part of.  Every night is full of laughter and more often than not, off-the-wall excitement to perform another show, for another great audience! Being “new” to the theatre is inspiring. I get to know and learn from some of the best people, with some of the biggest hearts in town…

Receiving the opportunity to play “Joseph” has been such a great experience for me! “Joseph” was my first lead about 2 years ago, and is even more thrilling to me now.  What a story!  What a cast!  What a production crew!  And what a stage!  I love to play characters in stories that go through many stages and emotional changes.  It is life.  We all go through ups and downs and I am grateful for the wide variety of emotions we humans get to experience every day.  Joseph of Egypt is special to me.  He is someone I look up to.  He never lost hope in his darkest hour.  He always held true to his values and had faith in something greater, greater in value and of importance.  He loved what he was taught about heaven by his father and strived to do his best. Was he perfect?  No.  None of us are perfect.  That’s silly.  But!  He had something a lot of us forget about, and I think that is trust. He trusted in the truths about himself.  He trusted in the core nature of who he was and he trusted that he was loved no matter what, by someone, and that things were about to get a lot better!  Sure enough as he held true to his trust in heaven and himself, things in his life did get better.  We can all learn from that!  It’s a simple story really.  I know I am learning the “trust principle” each day as I try and figure out my life.  By living life with that trust, and communicating his hard times and discouragements to a higher power, Joseph served his brothers and every one that he came in contact with. And by serving, Joseph was loved….and hated. But he continued on!  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a great story for each of us. I hope the audiences that come to see the show will have a lot of fun, but also take away the messages that are included amidst the fun, lights, color and story.   I can’t imagine what Joseph went through, but I do know that there is always hope for a brighter day.  I know that great things are in store for everyone that loves and serves another without pre-judgment or selfish desires–For we are all children of the family of Israel.  

 Come see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Hale Centre Theatre. Bring your kids, families and bring your girlfriends or boyfriends!  It’s a lot of fun and so worth the ticket! We have some seriously talented people in both casts and a lot of talented people backstage putting together the magic!

 And remember, when you applaud; applaud for everyone involved in the production! We (actors) could not put on a show without every team member!!!!

 Sincerely with thanks,

  Bradley Lever

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  1. You were awesome! Thanks for being the best Joseph I have ever seen!

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